When asked about worship at Hope Community, I know that folks aren’t looking for some maxresdefault.jpgmassive treatise on the topic. Many folks are simply curious as to what our “gathered worship” time will look like. I will try to answer these questions frequently on this blog as well as the newsletter where I talk about the future location of Hope.

Below are a few thoughts about the focus, feel, flow, and function of our  worship service:

  1. Focus– Each aspect of our worship will play a vital role in helping distracted people jesus.jpglike me fix our eyes, attention, and hope on Jesus Christ. We actually start to become more and more like that which is the focus of our worship. We want to be more like Christ.
  2. Helping Us Focus- While many elements help connect us to Christ, God’s Word and the regular practice of communion and baptism will be central to our worship. The primary role of the pastor in worship is to help each person hear and receive the Word of God.
  3. Feel- Worship is personal and communal, joyful and reverent. The elements of worship will be both “old and new.” Our faith has historical roots and we find it encouraging to recite the ancient prayers, creeds, and songs of these saints. At the same time we believe God is creative and new. Elements of our worship will include new writings, songs, prayers and, art as well.
  4. Flow- Each worship service will have a very intentional flow with a very intentional purpose. The pattern of our worship will help you to have a similar pattern of worship throughout your week as we continually praise, confess, offer ourselves, and respond to God’s Word.
  5. Function– At the end of each service, we will be clearly reminded that our worship continues throughout the week. We are sent back to our homes, neighborhoods, and places of work, filled with the Holy Spirit for the sake of others. This is a beautiful thing!

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Hope Community Church | Wilmington, NC

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