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We are so grateful that you’re thinking about attending a gathering with us at Hope Community Church!  We want you to know that we value YOU and want you to feel comfortable when worshiping with us.  Some things you can be prepared for when you visit… first, we are a very simple and unpretentious bunch. The format of worship is laid back and simple. We do recite a prayer of confession most weeks and serve communion each month, but all of that will be explained by the pastor in the service.

Our service runs about an hour. We provide weekly opportunities for children to learn about Jesus in separate environments for preschool and elementary-aged children. If you choose to keep your children with you in worship, interactive materials are available to engage your children during service. Our goal is for our gathering to feel a lot like a family gathering. You’ll be a part of a multi-generational group, as it is our belief that we grow in relationship to one another at every age and stage. It is important to mention that we don’t take ourselves too seriously even though worship is very important to us. Our musical style is simple and we value both ancient and modern songs. If you want to get an idea of who you will see when you arrive, or if you want to make a connection before you arrive, simply check out our  staff page to see our bios!

Where: 3418 Prince George Ave. Castle Hayne, NC (Outside at the Risley’s House)

When: Sunday at 9am


One of the 3 ways we want to continually grow is UP.

For us, “UP” refers to WORSHIP – both as a group on Sundays and throughout the week. Worship is basically giving credit where credit is due and we believe God deserves loads of credit. Like a compass, it is important that we are recalibrated to True North each week as we gather for worship. This recalibration happens as we pray, sing, confess and respond to the reading and teaching of God’s Word.

If you plan on coming for the first time to our worship gathering, it would be good to listen to a sermon, check out our time and location and discover what you might expect on your first visit.

Recent Sermons

Kids and Youth Ministry

It takes a village to raise a child to know Jesus. We want to partner with parents and be part of that village. At Hope, instead of a kid table and an adult table, we strive to create an intergenerational table which is a bit messy, yet beautiful. Hope Community feels strongly that the entire church plays a role in helping the next generation know and follow Jesus. This family-equipping model integrates children into the worship life of the church while giving parents the tools to disciple their children. Please explore below to find opportunities for kids of all ages to grow in their faith. 


We encourage parents and their children to attend weekly worship. We provide age-specific resources for families to help their children know Jesus. 


We love to include kids of all ages in our community gatherings like Anchor Day, service opportunities and Anchor Nights gatherings.  We also provide opportunities for Hope Kids to connect with their peers while they learn about Jesus together during age-appropriate and engaging lessons and activities each Sunday and during special events like Hope Kids Days.


There are many opportunities for kids to get involved outside of the church walls. Kids are welcome and encouraged to join in our service opportunities with adult supervision. We also encourage kids to invite friends to Hope events! As children learn more about Jesus we hope they will grow more eager to share what he has done with their families and friends. As for older students, we are encouraging middle/high school age kids to be involved with serving our local community. 

Sunday Offerings

Walkers to Preschool

Children are always welcome in worship but, we also offer a nurturing, safe environment for children to learn about Jesus. Please read about our current offerings for children of all ages below. 

Each week we offer childcare and lessons for toddlers and preschool-aged children. We welcome you to find our nursery area located in the Risley’s fenced-in side yard where you can check your child in at the gate. Children arrive before worship begins and enjoy songs, stories, snacks, crafts and interactive activities to help them learn about Jesus. 


We are excited to offer weekly lessons for our K-5 Hope Kids. After worshipping through music with their families, elementary kids will have the opportunity to participate in a Bible lesson and craft with their peers. Following the service, you will pick up your child near the Risley’s front porch. If you would like for your child to stay seated with your family, interactive worship resources are offered at the Connection Table. Feel free to have your child pick one up on the way to your seat.

Middle and Highschool

We currently offer monthly opportunities for our middle and high school students to connect up, in and out during service and also offer occasional service opportunities for this age group. If you would like more information about our current offerings for this age group, please reach out to Blake Mueses. 


We have many events throughout the year that create opportunities for families to have fun and connect with others. Families are encouraged to serve together through the local ministries that we support. As for worship, we understand that kids can be wiggly and noisy. Don’t worry a bit! We are glad they are here learning and growing in worship with us.

If you have questions or would like more information about Hope Community Church, please contact us.

Hope Community Church | Wilmington, NC

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