A New Series + New Ways to Connect:
We want to invite you to… join us on yet another journey of faith. Starting this Sunday, Nate will be teaching for for 7 weeks on the book of James in a series called “Faith that Works”. James is a short, straightforward book that doesn’t pull any punches. It is Godly wisdom for practical and even difficult situations we face here on earth. One thing I am doing in this series is a little thing I call “Chew + Do”. Each week we will give one specific verse for all of us to chew on (memorize) and then we will give you a spiritual practice to implement during the week, which is the “Do”.

So what are we inviting you to? We are inviting you to dive into God’s Word once again. We would love for you to do one of 3 things over the next 7 weeks…
1. Organize/Find a group of people to study James with.
2. Meet w/ 1 other person to study with, maybe someone who is new to faith.
3. If you have never done a personal study, do it alone.

Can you join us in studying James through one of these options?
Each week you will have a written study guide from me and a recording of my sermon in case you miss it the week before.

Current groups you can join:

*Selah Kight- Friday Mornings Time: 8:00am, Meeting place: TBD ( Near Mayfair area)  selahkight@gmail.com

*Nancy Stevens- *this group is at capacity.

*Ginger + Kieth Powers- Tuesday Nights at 7:00p.m.; This is open to anyone. Address: 105 Jefferson Lane; Host Contact: ginger.f.powers@gmail.com 

*Dee Hutson @Open Hands- Mondays at 12:30-2:00p.m.; This is open to anyone. Address: 4315 Castle Hayne Rd.; Host Contact: spiritled333@gmail.com

Hope Community Church | Wilmington, NC

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