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Welcome to Hope Community Church

Wilmington, NC

Hope is a worshipping community where skeptics, believers, the unchurched, dechurched, the busy and stressed, and the spiritually curious can find a place to explore faith, find belonging, and experience the hope of Jesus Christ.

At Hope Community, we encourage a simple rhythm of following God that leads to real transformation. That rhythm is Up, In and Out.

We want to grow UP in worship to God, IN through Christ-centered community and OUT in mission to our neighbors and the world.


One of the 3 ways we want to continually grow is UP.

For us, “UP” refers to WORSHIP- both as a group on Sundays and throughout the week. Worship is basically giving credit where credit is due and we believe God deserves loads of credit. Like a compass, it is important that we are recalibrated to True North each week as we gather for worship.This recalibration happens as we pray, sing, confess and respond to the reading and teaching of God’s Word.

If you plan on coming for the first time to our worship gathering, it would be good to listen to a sermon, check out our time and location and discover what you might expect on your first visit.


One of the 3 ways we want to continually grow is IN.

God didn’t wire us to live this life alone. Jesus and his disciples modeled a way for us to live together that not only benefits the disciple but his or her neighbor as well. Throughout the year you will find multiple opportunities to deepen your faith with the encouragement of others at Hope Community. 

Through groups, mentorship, discipleship and ongoing fellowship we are always walking through rhythms that connect us to one another.


One of the 3 ways we want to continually grow is OUT.

Throughout the entirety of scripture, it becomes clear that God is a sending God. Our God has a mission for the church which is beautifully described in both Matthew 25 and Matthew 28 

In Matthew 25, Jesus says that when we care for the poor, the sick or the imprisoned we are actually serving Jesus. In Matthew 28, Jesus sends the disciples out to make other disciples through teaching and baptism. Both of these chapters describe the mission that we at Hope Community feel called to participate in, both in Wilmington and globally.


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Hope Happenings

Hope Community Christmas Service

March 29-April 4

Holy Week

Each day of Holy Week has a meaningful message for us as Jesus followers. On Monday through Friday we will email and post a video meditation for the day. We will also partner with Christ Our Hope Anglican (3801 Wilshire Blvd) to host a self-guided Stations of the Cross prayer experience. We hope these simple tools will help us stay centered on Jesus as we approach Easter Sunday.

Giving Hope

April 4

Easter Sunday

We would like to invite you to join us this Easter Sunday!

Details: 3418 Prince George Ave @10:00am
We will be meeting outside, no tent
After the service we invite you to stick around for refreshments. 
What to Bring: A mask, a chair or picnic blanket and shade! 

Current Location

“Church Under the Pecan Tree”

3418 Prince George Ave. Castle Hayne, NC

We will meet outside at the Risley’s house each Sunday at 10:00am.

Bring your: shade, chair, and mask!
Hope Community Church | Wilmington, NC

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We are currently meeting outside at 10am on Sunday mornings. Join us at 3418 Prince George Ave. Castle Hayne, NC


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